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ISP Description

WLMac Industries

Call for submissions

Are you our new home?

Our requirements are:

  • An open and growing economy
  • An educated workforce
  • Sufficient and reliable infrastructure
  • A hospitable political and legal climate for business
  • A government open to trade


Are you an emerging country with a dynamic and growing economy?

WLMac Industries is a strong packaged goods Canadian company.  We are ready to expand to new markets.  Our first step is to build a new global headquarters.

Our new state-of-the-art facilities will bring innovation, jobs and new opportunities to your country.  In turn, your country will provide us with a base of operations for our planned global expansion.

We are looking for a dynamic country ready to do business with the world.

Send your proposals to our board of directors.  We will pick the country that best suits our needs.



We would like three things from any country interested in our business:

  1. A two-page backgrounder
  2. A multi-media presentation for our board of directors
  3. A list of further resources (works cited)


In point form and in an attractive and easy-to-follow layout, cover the following material.

All statistics should be from 2010 to 2012.


―      Location (continent, neighbouring countries)

―      Size & climate

―      Access to transportation routes (air, land, sea)

―      Sources of electricity


―      Population characteristics (age, gender)

―      Education of the workforce/literacy rates

―      Language

―      Ethnicity

―      Religious beliefs

―      Size & composition of labour force

Economic System and Characteristics

―      Type of economic system

―      GDP & GDP per capita

―      Unemployment rate

―      Population below the poverty line

―      Stage of economic development

―      Primary, secondary and tertiary industries (% of economy, leading industries)

Political system

―      Type of political system

―      Legislative system

―      Current head of government, date of election

General Trade

―      Value of imports and exports

―      Top 5 imports and exports (products)

―      Top 5 import and export markets (countries)

―      Major trade agreements

―      Membership in trade and international organizations

Trade with Canada

―      Exports and imports to Canada

―      Your country’s foreign direct investment in Canada

―      Canadian foreign direct investment in your country

―      Trade agreements and trade barriers with Canada

―      Currency and current exchange rates with Canada


―      Hofstede’s dimensions

―      Key negotiation strategies

―      Polychronic or monochronic

Multimedia Sales Pitch Presentation

For each of the following areas, tell us the three things about your country that we need to know before we make our decision.

What are the top three:

―      General, ‘need-to-know’ facts about your country’s geography

―      General, ‘need-to-know’ facts about your country’s population

―      Strengths of your economy

―      Weaknesses (areas that improvement) of your economy

―      ‘Need-to-know’ facts about your country and international trade

―      Business cultural differences between your country and Canada

―      Role your government plays in international business

The final questions you must address are:

What is the competitive advantage of your country?

Why should WLMac Industries choose your country?


Your presentation must be accurate and factual but you can put a positive spin on aspects of your country.



  • A video, animation or automated presentation
  • Minimum 3 minutes, maximum 10
  • Possible formats
    • Video
    • Moviemaker
    • Powtoons
    • Prezi + Jing or Prezi with autoplay (watch the timing very carefully!)
    • Automated PowerPoint with animations and transitions

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