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Company Profile Assignment – Updated

Create a multimedia profile of a multinational company. The bigger the company, the more likely you are to find information on that company. Publicly traded companies are easier to research than privately owned.

The following information must be included in the assignment.

Company Background Information
― Products sold
― Type of company/industry
― Globalization strategy (with evidence to support you choice)
― Profitability (total sales, costs and profits)
― Company headquarters (location)
― Company competitive advantage


Choose three countries (Canada or the US; one country from two of the following regions: Europe, Africa, Asia, South America)
For three countries (ideally, the same country for each item but if you can’t find the information, you can use different companies) give examples of:
― Product packaging and/or product differences
― Pricing
― Advertising

Most multinationals sell many, many different products – narrow your search to one or two products.

Answer the following questions:
• Does the company use a centralized or decentralized marketing strategy? Provide evidence
• Does the company use branch plants, licensing and/or acquisitions to expand internationally? Provide evidence
• Does the company modify its advertising for local markets?
• Who are the company’s direct competitors?


Is the company vertically and/or horizontally integrated? (justify choices)
Trace a supply chain of one product for the company from origin to final sale including, if possible, methods of transportation.  No longer a requirement.

Sources of information

Company website and quarterly and annual reports
• There is a great deal of information in a company’s annual report. Try searching for key words and using the financial statements
Business Insider (http://www.businessinsider.com/) Forbes (http://www.forbes.com) and Google News
• Search for company and/or product
Google Image search
• For product/packaging and print ads


Presentation of Information


You will use infogr.am to create an infographic about your chosen company.  An infographic combines words, images, graphs and videos in one final product.


The purpose of an infographic is to minimize the text and tell your story/complete your assignment, using images, graphs and key words only.


When I ask for evidence, examples, pictures, maps, short sentences are sufficient.


Tips & Tricks


  • Always use a text title before a map or image to explain the context of the information.
  • This software is a bit twitchy when trying to reorder information so plan your infographic carefully.
  • If you want to make a bulleted list, type it in word, copy and paste it into the infogr.am and then preview it! The text formatting changes when you preview your work.
  • Images will need to be high quality to look good on the final product.
  • Ask questions if you get stuck!!


Suggestions for Information


  • Your products could be a word cloud or a tree map.
  • For the requirements where you are asked what type of strategy they company uses, use text title for the strategy and then put your supporting evidence (it could be images, maps, point form text) below the title.
  • If you are trying to show that a country has a transnational strategy you might want to include a map that have the number of locations in each country.
  • For acquisitions, you might want show the logos of companies purchased. For branch plants, create a map of the locations of plants around the world.
  • If you are showing the vertical or horizontal integration you could make a graphic in photoshop (or even powerpoint) and import it.

How to Submit your Infogr.am


  1. Click publish – check that the information is correct
  2. Click view on the web
  3. Copy the address in the address bar
  4. Paste the address into the assignment post on the class website (bbb4m.mscuttle.com).
  5. If you don’t do this, I can’t access the infographic to mark!



Company Profile Marking Scheme

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